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Renata Watch Battery 376 SR66W SR626W SG4 LR66, 1 Pack

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376 - the same size as the most commonly used watch battery

  • Manufacturer name: 376
  • other Designations: SR66, SR66W, SR626, SR626W, SG4,
  • Identical sizes: 377, SR66SW, SR626SW, LR66, LR626, AG4, 177
  • Dimensions diam/H: 6.8 x 2.6 mm
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Material: Silver Oxide
  • Packing unit (contains): 1 Battery

This watch battery has a slightly higher capacity than a 377, beyond that they are identical. It was developed for watches with additional functions, such as lights or an acoustic alarm. However, it can also readily be used in other small electronic devices such as calculators and remotes. Also, this battery has the same dimensions as a LR66 alkaline coincell battery. But this silver oxide battery has a much higher capacity, which has the advantage of being able to power your watch for longer.
To ensure that you order the correct battery, please consult the instructions manual of your device.

Tags: Renata, Watch Battery, 376, SR66W, SR626W, SG4, LR66, AG4