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Camelion Buttoncell Battery AG13 LR44 LR1154 303 357, 10 Pack

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AG13 - (LR44) the most common alkaline buttoncell battery

  • Manufacturer name: AG13
  • other Designations: LR44, LR1154, LR1166, A76, 157
  • Identical sizes: 303, 357, SR44, SR44SW, SR44W, SR1154, SR1154SW, SR1154SW, SR1166, SG13, 82
  • Dimensions diam/H: 11.6 x 5.4 mm
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Material: Alkaline
  • Packing unit (contains): 10 Batteries

This alkaline buttoncell battery is often used in calculators, remotes, toys and other small electronic devices. It is a low cost alternative to a 303 or 357 silver oxide battery and can also be used in watches. However, it is recommended to use silver oxide batteries for all types of measuring instruments (such as watches), to prevent any possible distortion or falsification of your measurements.
To ensure that you order the correct battery, please consult the instructions manual of your device.

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